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 Belgian Organic Blonde (5,6°)

Pour For the first time in the world, a craft beer, the HOUBLONDE, is brewed with pure and dynamized water ! It’s composed of organic grains, spices and an elixir of wild mountain flower…

When tasting, you will be able to appreciate the flavors of roasted cereals (biscuit and caramel taste) with a slight bitterness, very sweet and refreshing, enjoying a beautiful length in the mouth and a floral gustatory identity. In the end, a taste, aromas and sensations that make it truly exceptional!

Alc. 5,6%

IBU : 18



« Taste all the power of nature ! »

 Belgian Organic Triple (8°)

The Houblonde Organic Triple (8%) is also brewed with pure and dynamized water. Its amber and clear color will surprise you at first with its floral bouquet of hibiscus and saffron. The triple approach has been pushed to its limits. We brewed 3 hops, 3 cereals and integrated the floral universe in 3 different ways: in the form of flower elixirs, pistils (saffron) and petals (hibiscus). This generous and powerful beer with floral aromas offers finesse and elegance, a sweet and round flavor, with delicate hints of bitterness that preserve all the alchemy of the floral universe.

The Houblonde Triple is an organic & dynamized beer, brewed in Belgium, with top fermentation and refermentation in the bottle.

Alc. 8%

IBU : 28



« Taste all the power of nature ! »