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Who are we ?

Houblonde is the result of a meeting between a lawyer, an engineer and a marketing man. Together, they joined their skills to develop the beer Houblonde.

Convinced that it was possible to optimize each ingredient in beer without compromise, they put the best on all levels: dynamized water, yeasts, organic cereals, a wild flowers elixirs and a good dose of passion. Result? An innovative biodynamic and craft beer for the most demanding connoisseurs.

CHRISTOPHE CARRETTE – Managing Partner – Founder

Creator of the beer Houblonde in 2017. Has a law degree. Active for 25 years in finance and bank insurance. For several years, he has been considered as the Belgian specialist in dynamized water, for which he has had several scientific analyses done. Passionate by nature, philosophy and … dynamized beer!

« I have always wanted to create something original and exceptional in my life, I am convinced that Houblonde beer is totally in line with this wish. In creating Houblonde in 2017, I put my convictions and soul in it. I love nature, she is natural, I have energy, she provides it, I have personality, she has a real identity! »

TANGUY DE PREST – Managing Partner

Graduate in Marketing and Communication, he put his expertise at the service of the biggest national and international brands, of which some beerbrands. From a brewer family, this nature enthusiast is convinced that it brings us everything we need. Combining beer, nature and marketing… What else?

« Beer is part of my roots; the strength of nature makes part of my convictions, and the desire to undertake, wake me up every day from my bed. That’s why the project Houblonde gives me my daily energy and the desire to share it with you. »