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 The secret

Houblonde is brewed with pure water that has been dynamized!

In practical terms, this means that the water has been regenerated by passing it through a vortex. This vortex creates a whirlpool in the groundwater, giving it kinetic energy. The process is rounded off with magnetic fields and the transmission of natural mineral frequencies.

The whole process of water regeneration is elaborated according to a protocol which remains our secret!

A 100% natural process

Water dynamizers replicate the natural cycle of water in a concentrated manner. They impress spiral movements on the water that are similar to what happens in nature, giving the water the characteristics that it would have stored up during its natural flow.

The result? The brewing water of the Houblonde thus regains a quality comparable to that of a water that springs naturally from its source, a structured water filled with photonic energy!

In addition, dynamized water transmits its taste and olfactory qualities to the beer! These qualities can be seen from the fineness and velvety softness of the beer’s taste, as well as its refreshing appearance that lingers in the mouth, its never-ending sparkling and its unctuously creamy froth.

Proved in the laboratory

Working at the brewing science and technology laboratory at the Catholic University of Louvain (UCL) in Belgium, experts have conducted blind tasting tests to compare the effects of the dynamization of  water on two beers brewed in an identical way. One using dynamized water, the other not.

The result? 5 professional beer-tasters (brewing professors at UCL and master brewers) arrived at the same conclusion : « The dynamized beer seems to have greater clarity, is finer, gentler, lighter, more refreshing, more sparkling and has less of a bitter aftertaste than the non-dynamized beer ».

Want to know more? Discover the details of all the experiments, scientific and empirical analyses that lift part of the veil on the true nature of dynamized water. www.biodynamizer.com

« All the power of nature! »

HOUBLONDE concentrates the whole quintessence of the world of flowers.

HOUBLONDE contains floral elixirs of wild flowers that grow in the mountains (Pyrenees, Vosges, Alps…) at high altitudes. They are obtained by solar maceration of the whole flower. The elixirs concentrate and transmit the energetic signature of the flower to the Houblonde beer.

This elixir is obtained using nothing but flowers picked when they are mature, in surroundings protected from any pollution. The flowers are immersed in spring water taken from close to where they are prepared. This water is then energised and decanted into a glass container. The container is left out in the sun for three hours. The flowers are then carefully removed and the liquid is poured through a filter into a dark bottle, then energised again (through an ovoid-shaped vortex). This produces the “mother” elixir, which is then diluted in a base of organic cognac (40% proof, to help preserve it) and pure energised water. This creates the “daughter” elixir, which is added to the HOUBLONDE beer. The Astrantia elixir is certified to be of organic origin by the Ecocert certification body.

Houblonde Organic Blonde (5,6°)

Floral Elixir

The Astrantia flower whose elixir is found in HOUBLONDE beer is an umbelliferous plant that grows in damp soil bathed in sunlight. It draws the excess water from the soil so that the moisture evaporates in the bright air, which in turn aerates the saturated ground. It is in producing this metamorphosis that Astrantia Major reveals all of its energy alchemy. This is what explains all of its psycho-existential virtues. In fact, Astrantia enables us to breathe and freeing us from tensions and densities so that we can regain a sense of lightness and inner peace. It illuminates dark areas and takes light into the very heart of our cells. All floral elixirs act as catalysts for our emotions and help move our awareness towards greater authenticity and personal fulfilment. The Astrantia elixir found in HOUBLONDE beer triggers and guides these transformations and transmutations.


HOUBLONDE also contains vanilla obtained by infusing fresh vanilla pods. Its gentle, subtle flavours blend admirably well with the grains of barley, wheat and hops, giving HOUBLONDE beer its velvety, soft and subtle taste.

Houblonde Organic Triple (8°)

The Organic Triple Hop is composed of 3 elixirs of wild flowers from the mountains:


the flowers are yellow, assembled in a central ear that rises towards the light. It blooms at the beginning of summer. The elixir was made in June, in Taillet in a clearing in the Aspres forest, in Vallespir (Eastern Pyrenees).

Water Violet

It is a plant that lives entirely in water, it is submerged for a good part of the year. From May to June, straight and elegant stems begin to emerge from the water and throw their pale purple flowers into the sunlight. It is rare, delicate, and does not tolerate any form of pollution. The elixir was made at the end of May in a river in the Forstfeld forest in Alsace (northeast France), an invigorating harvest immersed in water to the chest! The elixir invites us to put our capacities and qualities to the benefit of others, to enter into exchange and sharing. You release spontaneity and you know how to express your feelings.

Rose Sauvage

A thorny shrub with beautiful, delicate and blooming flowers that range from white to pink. The elixir was made at the end of June in Camurac in the Aude, on a plateau covered with rosehips, close to the then green ski slopes of the Pyrenean mountains. The elixir helps to overcome the devaluing messages printed in the depths of our psyche to access the joy of life.



Houblonde Organic White IPA (4,8°)

The highly fragrant white flowers of the orange blossoms are picked from the Bigaradier tree, a small shrub native of India. A true invitation to travel, its delicate fragrances immediately transport us to the scents of the Orient and the sunny flavours of the Mediterranean. The orange blossoms are obtained by steam distillation of the flower buds and perfectly complements the bitterness of the orange peels, resulting in a very refreshing beer with citrus aromas.  

Citrus aurantium, or bigaradier: it belongs to the large Rutaceae family. It is a small shrub of 5 to 10 metres that likes sun and fertile, moist soil. Its small fruit is not very juicy, bitter, acidic and full of seeds, but it is the peel that is of most interest in terms of flavour and taste.

The flower gives a bitter orange note and citrus nuances to our beer. Its lemony bouquet, tending towards mandarin and orange, perfectly complements the bitterness of the orange peels, resulting in a very refreshing beer with exotic aromas.

« All the power of nature! »

For the first time in the world electrophotonic energy has been measured in a beer, Houblonde!

We captured by an electrophotonic camera the photonic pulsations (particles of light) in Houblonde beer and compared them to pulsations of a well-known standard beer…

The results are glaring, just look at the pictures! See how Houblonde beer contains electrophotonic energy compared to common beer, see the difference in light radiation and the harmony of its structure!


Bioluminescence and harmonious structure of Houblonde beer


Absence of bioluminescence and harmonious structure of standard beer

« All the power of nature! »

The hexagonal logo of HOUBLONDE reflects its soul!

The Hexagon in its three-dimensional version represents a cuboctahedron , which is an Archimedean solid. The cuboctahedron is made up of 8 triangles (3D tetrahedrons), 6 squares (3D cubes) and 12 identical vertices. It is the only geometric shape in which all of the vectors are the same length, both those that link the vertices and those that go from the centre to the vertices. All of the vectors are also at an angle of 60° to each other. This gives the cuboctahedron perfect symmetry, which is why it is called a vector equilibrium (VE). It is also considered by those in the know to be the foundation of all structural geometry in the cosmos. From an energy point of view, the VE represents a wave of perfect shape that generates a movement of energy that ends in a state of absolute equilibrium (the zero point or absolute vacuum).

Each vector in the HOUBLONDE logo measures 1,618 cm, which is the PHI golden ratio number.

The Barcode on its label incorporates the Fibonacci sequence :

  • 5 41 = the numbers corresponding to Belgium
  • 1065 = the numbers corresponding to the Brewery
  • 3, 5, 8, 13 = are the numbers chosen by HOUBLONDE that correspond to the Fibonacci sequence (linked to the Phi golden number)
  • 8 = automatic verification code (= 8 universal which is part of the Fibonacci sequence)

The Hexagon also corresponds to the structure of the living water which is the one found in the dynamized water present in the Houblonde beer. This is a 6-point molecular structure as illustrated in the photos of dynamized water crystals!

Photograph of dynamized water crystals = 6-pointed crystal which when joined up represents a hexagon; the core of the crystal is also a hexagon!

The HOUBLONDE logo represents this hexagon that features a structure with 6 points made up of ears of cereals (barley and wheat) and hop flowers by way of reference to the beer! The blue colour of the logo refers to water. The shiny appearance of the “aluminium” foil label represents light and the photonic energy present in the dynamized water.

« All the power of nature! »